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Testimonial Disclaimer

We are committed to providing you with the very best product and service available and to that extent, we welcome feedback from you. While we appreciate great news and positive results to your health and wellness, we also welcome constructive input on what we can do to develop our product or services.  Of course, we cannot guarantee implementation of every “suggestion that we receive but we do assure you that we respect the time and effort on your part to communicate with us and we will seriously review your input.  We will reconnect with you so you know that we’ve considered your input and we’ll tell you how we’ve addressed your suggestions.

These testimonials have been submitted by our valued customers. It is important to remember that we do not investigate the testimonials and they are not subject to scientific controls therefore, you must not assume that your experience will be identical to that of the submitting customer.

If a writer claims immediate results, we cannot assume that you will benefit in the same manner although we hope that you do of course!

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