Cardio ProTM From Embla Arginine

See What the Experts Are Saying About Cardio ProTM

For over 25 years, I used and became very familiar with the L-Arginine based Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretagogue product. Based on this familiarity, I’ve been very critical of products that claim to provide HGH release. I’ve found no other product that includes the kind of catalyst which Embla Arginine provides. It sounds easy but the carrier, or the complete L-Arginine product, is more complex than what I make it out to be in my previous statement. I’m not a chemist or pharmacist but an experienced end-user and I’ve competed using L-Arginine, talked about it, and recommended its use over the years.

Embla Arginine is a unique one though, because the designers focused on building a product that addresses the needs of athletes and non-athletes alike. They successfully created a product which contains immune support for the cells, a scavenger for harmful free radicals and arterial support for circulation.

I believe this is a great and complete product and it’s available to you at a great price. I wholeheartedly endorse Embla Arginine!

Bill Busby’s introduction to competitive bodybuilding was at the Mr. Worcester, Ma in 1973. In 1986, Bill entered the 220 class and became the world powerlifting champion for that division. He was also runner up in Mr. International and Mr. America in that same year. Bill continued to compete until 1996 winning many other class competitions and national, international and invitational titles in powerlifting. In his last bodybuilding competition, Bill was a finalist in the Mr. World event of 1991, thus ending a very successful career on the arduous competitive circuit.

Currently, Bill is a personal trainer and consultant to professional athletes, medical doctors and chiropractors. While training powerlifters and amateur sport participants, Bill has developed a strong commitment towards baby boomers. His unique and systematic training regimens are highly successful for athletes and non-athletes alike. Through these, Bill continues to assist his clients meet their health and wellness goals.