Embla Arginine - The World's First Complete L-Arginine Supplement

Embla Arginine

The World's First Complete L-Arginine Supplement

Embla Arginine is the first complete L-Arginine supplement to add various antioxidants and compounds to maximize their combined effect. This means that in addition to the powerful health benefits of L-Arginine, you will also be provided with antioxidants and endothelial cell enhancers to help nourish your body.

We have included these properties in both our L-Arginine products, Cardio CareTM and Cardio ProTM, so whether you're an athlete or simply looking to improve your general health, you'll receive the added benefits of antioxidants and cell enhancers.

L-Arginine Health Benefits for Everyone

L-Arginine Health Benefits for Everyone

Cardio CareTM from Embla Arginine improves the health of anyone, whether you’re 23 or 83, through its many L-Arginine health benefits. If you’re looking for anti-aging properties, improved sexual response, restful sleep, and fat-burning, then Cardio CareTM may be right for you.

L-Arginine Health Benefits for Athletes

Cardio ProTM from Embla Arginine was formulated specifically with athletes in mind. If you want to increase energy levels and endurance, build lean muscle, and accelerate workout recovery, then Cardio ProTM may be right for you.

The Science Behind L-Arginine

L-Arginine - The "Miracle Molecule"

L-Arginine is an amino acid that has been linked to numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, increased cardiac output, release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), improved sexual response, greater muscle mass, and many others. One serving of Embla Arginine contains 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine.

Nobel Prize Awarded for Discoveries Associated with Nitric Oxide

L-Arginine is the main source of Nitric Oxide (NO), a signaling molecule essential for many bodily functions. What the 1998 Nobel Prize winners uncovered were the groundbreaking effects of NO upon the cardiovascular system. A primary role of NO involves relaxing the walls of arteries, which leads to overall improved cardiovascular health.